Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Against the Tide


Have you ever read a book that stays with you long after you have read it? This well-written story has done just that to me. The plot, the characters, the social issues of past and present have made me think of how love can triumph over evil. This was the first book of Elizabeth Camden's that I actually listened to as an audiobook instead of reading it. 

The opening of the story gives you background information about Lydia Pallas and the tragic events that happened to her as a child. I immediately connected with her and was curious to see what the future would hold for her. How could good come from such terrible circumstances?

I found myself rooting for Lydia, the sweet-natured young lady who struggles to overcome an addiction that was rampant during this period in history. Ms. Camden's weaving of a love story and a horrible villain (who you can't wait to see meet a terrible end) made me drive all around town listening to the audiobook in my car. I actually had go to our city park where the neighbors couldn't see me and wonder why I was spending copious amounts of time in my parked car! 

Being a former junior high history teacher, I appreciate the amount of research that Ms. Camden did for this book. Because of how well it was written, I have since read several more of her books because she masterfully weaves her stories around real people and events. 

One thing I have learned after listening to this audiobook is that either I read her books, or wait for longer car trips!

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