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The Better Man

About the Book:

A woman bound by duty and debt. A man who doubts his worth.

After tragedy broke her family, Laramee fled her family’s once beloved Colorado ranch. But the news that her ailing parents are considering selling the place lures her home after five bitter years.Jamie Cannon spent a decade redeeming himself from the mistakes of his youth. As a successful partner in his family's real estate business, he's back on solid ground. If only his worried parents believed it too.When Jamie needs an escape from the Denver social scene, the Stone’s request for an appraisal of their remote ranch gives him the perfect excuse to get away. But Laramee Stone is as determined to drive this paper pusher off her family’s property as Jamie is dedicated to fulfilling his assignment. The two eventually agree to a truce for the sake of the Stone’s financial future, but as Laramee and Jamie work together, they reveal glimpses into the tragedies that destroyed their pasts. In one another’s company, old hurts heal, and they feel whole.But ex-fiancé Sutton is back. This man, who saved Laramee and her parents after tragedy struck, wants Jamie gone and Laramee back. Sutton discovers Jamie’s past and reminds him of his failings, leaving Jamie with two critical questions he must answer before he can tell Laramee how he feels—Could Jamie’s past baggage threaten Laramee’s happiness?And is he the better man for Laramee Stone?

 My Review: 

When Laramee comes home to the old ranch where she grew up per her mother’s request, she doesn’t expect to have a city slicker be there too. Realtor Jamie Cannon has been sent to check on the viability of the ranch and to appraise the ranch for its possible sale. Sparks fly when Laramie discovers why Jamie is there since she was unaware of what her folks were planning. Laramee wasn’t about to go easy on Jamie as he stays at the ranch for an extended period of time. There are some pretty funny scenes when Laramee gives Jamie some undesirable jobs that will make you chuckle.

While this is a love story, it also had some more serious topics of guilt, forgiveness, and self-worth. Ms. Lewis handled all of it with respect, showing that people like Laramee and Jamie can get past their hurt by leaning on God and others. I think everyone can relate to Laramee and Jamie in different areas of their lives.

This is the second book in the Silver Buckle Bride series. It can easily be read as a standalone, however, the characters from the first book do make a short appearance in the book. If you are a reader of clean romantic fiction, then this will be a book you will enjoy.

I received a copy of this book with no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

An Uncertain Road

About the Book

Book: An Uncertain Road

Author: Abbey Downey

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: February 27, 2024

A female auto racer, and mechanic determined to walk away from the sport, and the race of a lifetime… 

When young widow Flora Montfort returns to America, she’s determined to use her training in auto racing to support herself and her French mother-in-law—even if female drivers are rare in 1905. So when the owner of a successful sporting goods store hires her to drive in the Glidden Tour, a ten-day race through New England, she jumps at the opportunity. 


Jensen Gable must be convinced that joining the team as the ride-along mechanic is worth the risk. After losing his best friend in a tragic racing accident, Jensen has vowed never to participate in the sport again. But his promise to protect that friend’s younger brother, also on the tour, is the only thing that outweighs his fear of the dangers. 


As they race through New England, Flora and Jensen find common ground that ignites their interest in each other, but doubts and old enemies come between them. Hazardous road conditions, meddling locals, and competitors who’ll stop at nothing to win—they all conspire to prevent Flora and Jensen from reaching the finish line. As the race of a lifetime heats up, one question rises above all others…can their love find the road that leads to forever?


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 My Review: 

I haven’t ever read a historical romance about race cars or female race car drivers, but I was intrigued by the story. I enjoyed learning about the Glidden Tour and stopped several times while I was reading to learn more about the cars that were featured. I can honestly say that I am glad automobiles have improved throughout the years as Flora and Jansen embarked upon a ten day tour with a road that was really not much more than a path in several places. 

The theme of letting go of the past and allowing God to help was well done and was shown not only in Jansen’s life, but Flora’s as well. This is a lesson that many of us can relate to personally. I can recommend reading this book for readers from young adults through mature readers. This is the first book in the Adventurous Hearts series, and I am looking forward to seeing what other experiences await us. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit. A positive review was not required. 

About the Author

Abbey Downey started writing inspirational romance stories during naptime when her kids were babies and found she couldn’t stop. She previously published two books with Love Inspired Historical under the pen name Mollie Campbell. She also works with Spark Flash Fiction producing a quarterly digital magazine that contains love stories under 1000 words.

A life-long Midwestern girl, Abbey lives in central Indiana with her husband, two kids, and one rather enthusiastic beagle. She loves watching her kids play sports and fixing up a 1900 farmhouse with her husband.


 More from Abbey

It started as a deep dive into the history of women in sports.

While we don’t immediately think of women when we consider the origins of sports and exploration, time and again my research revealed stand-out women participating in the early days of every sport and making history in adventurous endeavors. Females were later barred from these activities by a culture that saw them as fragile, but for those first years, the women who were tenacious enough to try succeeded right alongside the men.

So I set out to bring to life heroines that shined in some of my favorite historical sports and activities. In An Uncertain Road, the heroine, Flora Montfort, was inspired by real-life female race car driver Joan Newton Cuneo. In the early 1900s, Joan was a strong advocate for road safety and women learning to drive. She fought hard for her right to race, just like Flora does.

Jensen Gable is the reluctant ride-along mechanic for Flora’s racing team. He wants to protect those he cares about, even if that leads him to make some wrong choices in the name of their safety. He’s a little grumpy and a lot wounded, but Flora’s presence in his life helps him learn to heal—and smile again.

One of many things I love about writing historical novels is weaving in delightful tidbits that come up in my research. In An Uncertain Road, a fascinating historical detail is before the Glidden Tour begins, when the group visits Coney Island for a day. There’s some fun flirting—over a piece of green cheese in a moon-themed amusement ride.

I also enjoyed getting to research and use real historic locations in this story. My favorite place the team visits is the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where the 1905 Glidden Tour stopped for a mid-tour break. It’s still in use today and is stunning, surrounded by mountains and beautifully restored.

But I’d have to say my favorite moment in the book is a nod to my favorite TV show. Yes, I worked a reference to The Office into a historical novel. Let me know if you find it!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Flora and Jensen’s story!

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Luck of the Irish


About the Book

Book: Luck of the Irish Cozy Mystery Anthology

Authors:Kate Darroch, Jessica Thompson, Kathleen Kalb, C A Phipps, Amy Grundy, J R Lancaster, Jaclyn Weist, Jessica Brimer, K Rose, and W Jenkins

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Release Date: March 17, 2024

A fabulous collection of Cozy Mysteries from your Favorite Cozy Authors –  published on St Pat’s Day, so they ALL feature The Luck of the Irish. ALL PROCEEDS go to help children living in ghastly conditions in internment camps.


Click here to get your copy!


 My Review: 

Ten authors with ten very different stories— the idea of a cozy mystery anthology in which the sale proceeds go to a charitable cause was the reason I chose to read it. I think anytime you have an anthology there will be stories you will enjoy and others that are not ones you would necessarily read. But, that is the nice thing about an anthology since you get an opportunity to read one of their works without investing a lot of time should there be a story that isn’t something you like. There are a few whose stories I liked and will check out their other books.

I received a complimentary copy of the book through Celebrate Lit. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.


About the Authors

Living on the picturesque Devon coastline, Kate combines her passion for cozy sleuths and her experiences living in many countries to create compelling Travel Cozies.
Màiri Maguire, a Scots Irish schoolteacher from 1970s Glasgow, the heroine of Kate’s debut novel, Death in Paris, has earned Kate many international book awards, including Incipere’s Best Christian Fiction 2022, consolidating her reputation as a notable author.
Kate hopes her readers will enjoy Màiri’s adventures as much as she enjoys Father Brown, Sherlock Holmes, and that old movie, the Perils of Pauline.
Next, Kate created Huntingdon Hart Investigates. Hunt is a dryly witty, prescient, tongue-in-cheek combo of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, who’s in endless pursuit of a much older woman.
Kate’s most recent opus is the Christian Second Chance for Lasting Love series, Sweets By the Sea, a depth saga of Recovery and Redemption which her readers insist is even more adorable than her Cozy Mysteries. The first book in the series is Thanksgiving in Welcombe Baywhich has been rapturously received by Readers Favorite’s critics.
Jessica Thompson is the award-winning author of the Amazon best-selling mystery novels “A Caterer’s Guide to Holidays and Homicide” and “A Caterer’s Guide to Love and Murder”. Her latest novel, “Shoot Shovel and Shut Up,” is a classic mystery that won second place in the Firebird Awards. Jessica’s “Beyond the Woods: A Supernatural Anthology” is a family-friendly collection of her own campfire stories. Jessica is also Assistant Finance Chair for the Storymakers Guild.

More from Kate

Recipe for Irish Stew and an introduction to the book and why my fellow authors and I created it.

The Luck of the Irish: a Cozy Mystery Anthology from 10 Cozy Authors

Editors:  Kate Darroch and Jessica Thompson

You will love this Cozy Mystery anthology crammed with Cozy Mysteries from 10 Cozy authors

Renowned, like Kathleen Marple Karb, and New, like J R Lancaster


Let’s start our St Pat’s Day Celebrations the right way, with delicious things to eat and drink! Food for the body.

Irish Stew

A Royal Chef cooked this yummy Irish Stew Recipe at Sandringham House

Learn his delicious, although not strictly traditional, Irish stew recipe – and surprise your loved ones with a dish fit for a King!

Darren McGrady

Continuing our St Pat’s Day Celebrations, the right way, with Fascinating Mysteries full of Luck! Food for the mind.

The title says it all! Ten Cozy Mysteries from beloved Cozy Authors to give you food for the mind throughout the celebrations!

And winding up our St Pat’s Day Celebrations the right way, with a thought for those less fortunate… Food for the soul.

Why did 10 Authors get together to give you this super collection of Cozy Mysteries? Because we were aghast at the plight of children in border internment camps. We funded all costs of publication. 100% of all book sales proceeds goes to RAICES

Help these kids in dire need. And have fun reading Cozy Mysteries at the same time.

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A Hope Fulfilled

About the Book

Book: A Hope Fulfilled

Author: April W Gardner

Genre: Biblical Fiction (Obadiah)

Release Date: November, 2023

One Hebrew slave’s courage and faith opens the gate on Edom’s demise.

Tikvah, a Hebrew slave in Edom, lives in hope of once again seeing Jerusalem, the Holy City. When a Babylonian general and his dashing Jewish liaison arrive at her master’s house, whispering plans of Edom’s destruction, she senses Yahweh at work. After all, there’s a prophecy foretelling His justice upon the kingdom. Tikvah clings to that promise while obediently following the call of service into the heart of danger. If only there were a promise she would come out the other side alive.

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 My Review: 

In this book by April Gardner you will experience what it might have been like to have been a Jewish slave during the time that the biblical prophet, Obadiah,  foretold of the destruction of Edom. I thought it was very interesting and plausible that a Jewess certainly could have helped enemies in its destruction.

I enjoyed the story with brave and fearless Tikvah  as she trusts Yahweh to lead her, and Kala, her protector. If you are a fan of Biblical fiction you’ll want to investigate reading this yourself. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book. A positive review was not required. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

April W Gardner is an indie author whose great passion is historical romance with themes of Native American and Southeastern U.S. culture. Copyeditor, mother of two grown children, and non-trad college student, April lives in South Texas with her husband and two German Shepherds. In no particular order, April dreams of owning a horse, learning a third language, and visiting all the national parks.





More from April

So…Obadiah? Who ever heard of Obadiah as the backdrop for biblical fiction? I hadn’t. But that’s not where A Hope Fulfilled began…

In late December 2021, while deciding on a Bible reading goal for the upcoming year, I pondered which sections of the Bible I knew least. The minor prophets came to mind right off, then camped there as I asked myself what I knew about these little books.

I’d heard a million sermons preached from one or another of them over the years, but could I give even a one-sentence summary on any of the twelve? That question required a moment’s thought, which produced Jonah and the big fish, Hosea and his harlot wife, Joel and the locusts, Amos and… Uh, er, uh…

This was a problem. After burning some brain cells on the matter, I finally hung my head and admitted I was a minor failure. If I’d been tested right then on the minor prophets, I would have received a big red F.

How was this possible? I’m a missionary’s kid who never missed a church service, for goodness’ sake. This was unacceptable. I had an MK reputation to uphold.

Kidding, kidding. But the point remains. After 4.5 decades in church, I should be able to state every book’s title and theme. At a minimum. Anything less is spiritual laziness.

With that challenge in mind, I hitched up my trousers and set to work. My task? One minor prophet a month. I would read each one again and again, really drilling them home, absorbing their messages and banishing my spiritual “shame.”

By April, and my fourth read of Obadiah, I stared at my Bible, the verses swimming before me, and admitted to a second problem—despite my faithful rereading, the first four books were all running together in a mental smear of prophety messages.

Warning, judgment, doom, gloom. There was hope in there, too, of course. Praise God. And a harlot wife. I had that one down. But I was no closer to being able to distinguish them, to really understand the books with any kind of true ownership.

Since I’m a goal-girl, it made me a little sad to set aside my twelve-prophet year, but there was no getting around it. If this was going to work, I would have to go deeper, get messier, put on my work gloves and knee pads, and start digging.

New goal! Understand Obadiah. I’d worry about the rest once I had this one down. Fifteen months and three written books later, here we are, celebrating the release of my first biblical fiction, A Hope Fulfilled.

So, how did I get from studying a minor prophet to writing biblical fiction? The journey from point A to point B wasn’t very long. The series (A Fire and a Flame) started out as a Bible commentary for women, but when I got to exploring the history around Obadiah, my fiction brain kinda took over. It does that sometimes. Silly brain.

I did finish the commentary, but as soon as I allowed myself to ponder all the what-ifs of the event, the novella practically wrote itself.

Obadiah gives a fiction writer almost no details to build on. So, A Hope Fulfilled is what one might call an artist’s rendition of what might have happened during the fall of Edom. There were probably Hebrew slaves in Edom. One of them probably knew the prophecy of Edom’s doom. And that somebody might have, just might have, longed to help God’s justice play out.

Thus, Tikah and her story, A Hope Fulfilled, were born.

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Gladwyn Grant Gets Her Footing


About the Book

Book: Gladwynn Grant Gets Her Footing

Author: Lisa R. Howeler

Genre: Clean Cozy Mystery

Release Date: July 11, 2023

A little bit of mystery, a dash of romance, and a whole lot of heart

After being laid off from her job as a librarian at a small college, Gladwynn Grant isn’t sure what her next step in life is. When a job as a small-town newspaper reporter opens up in the town her grandmother Lucinda Grant lives in, she decides to take it to get away from a lot of things – Bennett Steele for one.

Lucinda has been living alone since Gladwynn’s grandfather passed away six years ago and she isn’t a take-it-easy, rock-on-your-front-porch kind of grandma. She’s always on the go and lately, she’s been on the go with a man who Gladwynn doesn’t know.

Gladwynn thought Brookstone was a small, quiet town, but within a few days of being there, she has to rethink that notion. Someone has cut the bank loan officer’s brakes, threatening letters are being sent, and memories of a jewelry theft from the 1990s have everyone looking at the cold case again.

What, if anything, will Gladwynn uncover about her new hometown and her grandmother’s new male friend? And what will she do about her grandmother’s attempt to set her up with the handsome Pastor Luke Callahan?

Find out in this modern mystery with a vintage feel.

My Review: 

Are you looking for a cozy mystery that you can read and recommend to others? This is the start of the Gladwyn Grant mysteries that promises to be one that you will enjoy. Seeing the highly inquisitive newspaper reporter dig into stories of the small town makes you want to see what is going to happen.

Gladwyn lives with her grandmother, Lucinda, which I found quite endearing. They watch out for each other, and you can’t help but love Lu as she is youthful and is also somewhat of a matchmaker. Gladwyn is new to town, so Lu makes sure she meets all f her friends, both mature and younger.

I liked that there are a couple of mysteries to solve and clues to see if you can figure it out yourself. I did find it a bit slow in the middle of the book, but the end ties up all the loose ends of the mysteries with a satisfying conclusion. I am interested to see what mysteries Gladwyn will solve in the future.

I received a copy of the book from the author and Celebrate Lit. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Click here to get your copy!

 About the Author

Lisa Robinson-Howeler is a writer and photographer from Northeastern Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband and two children, her dog Zooma and her two cats Pixel and Scout. She is a former small-town newspaper reporter. She is also a wife, blogger, and a homeschooling mother. She blogs about fiction, faith, photography, and life.





More from Lisa

I can’t say that Gladwynn Grant’s character is based completely on my grandmother, but, in some ways, I did. I named her Gladwynn after my paternal grandmother who I grew up living over the creek and through the woods from.

Gladwynn was her middle name but I’m not really sure how she spelled it because she never really used it. She usually just wrote G. as the middle initial. When we did a search on Ancestry, we saw that some spellings on her documents were Gladwin and some were Gladwyn. I guess her family wasn’t sure either, but if I remember right (I don’t have the document right in front of me) on her birth certificate it was spelled Gladwin.

I liked the spelling of Gladwynn with a “y” and two “n’s” though so that is how I spelled Gladwynn’s name for the books.

My grandmother was tough and to the point. She wasn’t mean but she didn’t pull punches. She was not super maternal or affectionate. Again, though, she was not mean.

She lived through the Great Depression and raised children during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Her youngest, my dad, was in the Air Force when Vietnam broke out. He was never sent overseas but he helped build bombs and work on airplanes during that time.

She knew about hardship, trials, and heartbreak. Her husband died of cancer when he was in his 60s and she spent the next 35 years without him. She began to lose her eyesight to macular degeneration in her 80s.

None of what life threw at her stopped her from living her best life.

She still traveled and kept her house and property up. At the age of 86 I caught her on a ladder cleaning out the gutters. Around the same age she marched down the dirt road in front of her house with a walking stick and told the township road workers to make sure the drainage pipe they were putting in didn’t run into her field and flood it.

If she was afraid of things, she didn’t show it very often.

My family lived with her while I was in college and I learned so much about how to preserve and live a happy and fulfilled life despite the tragedies or trials of my life.

When I started thinking about writing a cozy mystery series, I wanted the main character to be a lot like grandma, but also more affectionate and sentimental than my grandmother seemed at times.

I only remember my grandmother telling me she loved me once or twice in my life, but I know she did because she showed it in her actions toward me.

I wrote Gladwynn to be bold and tough, but also to be affectionate and open with her feelings – a lot like my grandmother, but also a little different.

I think my grandmother would love the idea that I am writing a series of books based on her name and partially on her personality.

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Shoot at the Sunset

About the Book Book:  Shoot at the Sunset Author:  Kathleen Denly Genre:  Christian Historical Romance Release Date:  April 9, 2024 Will lov...