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Facing the Enemy Blog Tour and Giveaway


About the Book:

Lady Elise Henderson lives two separate lives. At home in Scotland, she’s the titled daughter of the Marquess of Roxbury, an heiress in her own right. In London, however, she’s Elise Taylor, a top MI6 operative for the “home office.” But when a devastating accident threatens to end her career, Elise is left with far too much time for self-reflection and the regret of a decision made long ago that features one man: fellow MI6 agent Harry Benson. 

Harry Benson, the son of servants, has loved Elise for the better part of a decade. But life took them on separate journeys until their worlds converged once more. An immediate assignment to the Scottish Borders leaves Harry little time to make provisions for his small, rambunctious son, Sammy. Harry knows only one person he can rely on for the boy’s care—Elise. When Elise brings Sammy to her ancestral estate, she never imagines that a nemesis from her past looms in the shadows, hungry for revenge. Stalked at every turn, Elise and Harry discover that fighting their feelings for one another is futile, but can they survive long enough to get another shot at true love? 

My Review: 

Bravo, Ms. Edwards! This first book in the Roxbury Heirs sets the bar quite high for the rest of the series.  It is fast paced, action packed, and pulse racing from the first to the last page.  Harry Benson has his hands full.  Not only is there an evil maniac after his former love interest, MI6 agent Elise Taylor, but there are also stolen arms being shipped overseas that he must stop.  

Elise Taylor has what it takes to be an MI6 operative: guts, determination, cunning intelligence, and a passion to see justice served.  I admired her because she never quit, even when she was injured and had to flee with Harry’s rascally son into the woods of Scotland.  Having Elise and Harry team up had me turning pages and sitting on the edge of my seat. 

The special weapon that Harry got to use reminded me of the gadgets that James Bond has in his arsenal when he went on missions.  There was such a great scene that had me cheering as Harry uses everything he has to fight against evil. ( No spoilers, but I will say that you will love reading it.)

I highly recommend this book if you like clean romantic suspense. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Thank you to NetGalley and Covenant Communications for providing the digital ARC. A positive review was not required.

Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ //5

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Claiming Her Legacy

About the Book: 

With her family’s legacy on the line, a woman with everything to lose must rely on a man hiding from his past…

Oklahoma, 1890

Frontier women don’t ride off alone to track an outlaw—not even women as capable as tomboy spinster Willa Malone. But Willa desperately needs the bounty money offered for her father’s killer if she’s to keep their homestead and take care of her sisters. That means she needs an expert tracker's help. Gideon Hartley has the skill, but the handsome trail guide also has a troubling secret…

Gideon has spent years trying to numb his pain with whiskey. Little by little, their quest—and Willa’s belief in him—is restoring the sense of purpose he thought he’d lost. Journeying into the heart of danger, they’ll have to face down the past together if they hope to protect their future…

My Review: 

Willa Malone thought it was a good idea to track down her father’s killer so she could claim the reward for his capture. She would use the money  to pay her father’s debts and save the family’s  homestead.  The only things is she needs Gideon, a broken and has been tracker to help her locate this outlaw.

Gideon has so much guilt for a family tragedy and hatred for his father that he let it nearly ruin his life. It was rewarding to see that he was able to put the past behind him once and for all.  It was so encouraging to see that his past did not need to affect his future. Allowing God to help him overcome his weakness and find forgiveness made this an uplifting story. 

Relying on her strong sense of justice and Christian conviction, Willa accomplishes the impossible task of going into the unlawful west to look for her father’s killer.  If you are familiar with the story of True Grit, Willa reminds me of Maddie Ross. She was my favorite character because of her determination and spunk. 

I received a copy of this book by the publisher through NetGalley.  I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐//5

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Time After Tyme Tour and Giveaway


About the Book

Book: Time After Tyme

Author: Kay DiBianca

Genre: Cozy mystery

Release date: November 29, 2021

Time After Tyme is a fun and thought-provoking mystery about secret codes, university intrigue, and two young girls who fancy themselves 21st-century Nancy Drews.

 When strange, coded messages turn up in the chapel prayer box at Bellevue University, the minister suspects a recent campus death may have been murder, so he enlists the help of amateur sleuths Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman to decipher the codes and solve the mystery. But when a couple of young girls get wind of it, they decide to find the killer on their own. Almost everyone on campus has something to hide, and the story fluctuates between the rational search for the truth by the adults, and the occasionally misguided, but surprisingly perceptive, insight of the children.

 Set on the campus of a modern university, Time After Tyme is both a joyful romp through a cozy mystery and a serious look at the search for truth. The book reminds us of the seasons of our lives, from the irrepressible curiosity of youth to the treasured experience of maturity.

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 About the Author

kay-pictureKay DiBianca is an award-winning author who loves to create literary puzzles in the mystery genre for her readers to solve. Her characters come to life as they struggle to solve murders and create relationships amidst the ongoing themes of faith and family. Her first novel, The Watch on the Fencepost, won an Illumination Award for General Fiction and an Eric Hoffer Award for Mystery. The second book in the Watch series, Dead Man’s Watch, was a Silver Falchion Award finalist.

Kay is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, and the Collierville Christian Writers Group. An avid runner, she can often be found at a nearby track, on the treadmill, or at a large park near her home. Her background in software development fuels her fascination with puzzles and mysteries, and her dedication to running helps supply the endurance and energy she needs to write about them.

Kay and her husband, Frank, live, run, and write in Memphis, Tennessee. You can connect with Kay through her website at

 More from Kay

When ten-year-old Reen Penterson overhears the words “foul play” in a conversation not meant for her, she jumps to the conclusion that a murder has been committed and says, “Foul play? Murder! My heart pounded and my future life unfolded in front of me like a YouTube video. I could solve the mystery and expose the killer! I’d be famous. I’d be rich. I’d be one of those people who gets a college degree without having to go to school.”

To aid in her “investigation,” Reen enlists the help of her nine-year-old cousin, Joanie Finelson. And the chaos begins.

Writing Time After Tyme was great fun for me. This is the third book in the Watch series of cozy mysteries, and I wanted to add another dimension to the stories. Since I intended to dedicate the book to my best friend from childhood, my cousin Joan, I thought the misadventures of two young girls would be the perfect addition. Although Reen and Joanie are secondary characters in the book, they steal the show from the adults with their misguided attempts to find a killer.

Set on the campus of fictional Bellevue University, the story revolves around the recent death of the university librarian, Mr. Tyme. When strange, coded messages are found in the university chapel prayer box, main characters Kathryn Frasier and Cece Goldman are asked to decipher them. While Kathryn and Cece work to solve the mystery behind the codes, Reen and Joanie are turning things upside down in the search for a killer.

There were several things I particularly enjoyed about writing this book. I loved creating the coded messages, each of which relates to a Biblical proverb. I also liked exploring the secrets many of the adults in the book harbored to avoid being associated with Mr. Tyme’s death.

But more than anything else, I enjoyed the all-out approach to solving the mystery by the two young girls. At times, their unfiltered approach to their quest made me laugh out loud and reminded me of the wonder of that special time of life.

My Review: 

I don’t think I have ever read a book where ten year olds are helping to crack a murder case. But, Reen and Joanie do just that in helping Katherine Frazier and her sister, Cece Goldman.  I loved that their curiosity and enthusiasm brought depth to the story and the scrapes they get themselves brought to light clues and danger too. 

With lots of red herrings given throughout the story, I was surprised to find out who committed the murder.  The codes left in the church’s collection box were ingenious and woven expertly into the story. 

I recommend reading this cozy mystery. The characters, plot and the mystery all combined to make this an enjoyable read.  This is part of a series and while I did not read the other books, it can be read as a stand alone.  However,  there were some characters I felt had a history from previous books that I didn’t have any knowledge about them and would have benefitted from knowing their story. 

I received a copy of Time After Tyme from the publisher through Celebrate Lit, but was not required to write a positive review. This review is my own opinion. 

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There Goes the Groom

About the Book:

Catching a husband has never been so complicated.

Matthew Harrison has only one task in life: to marry money. After failing miserably in London, his family takes matters into their own hands by arranging his marriage to the wealthy Lucy Bateman. But when he meets Lucy for the first time, his resolve to save his family from ruin crumbles. Lucy looks to be nothing more than a child, and he cannot fathom going through with the union. Without a thought for the consequences of his actions, he runs away.

Lucy Bateman didn’t like the idea of an arranged marriage, but she agreed in order to save her sister from suffering the same fate. However, when she played a trick on her groom-to-be by sending her younger sister to meet him in her place, he fled without a word. Now, three years later, Lucy stumbles upon her long-lost fiance working as a cart driver. Fate has given her a second chance and this time there will be no tricks… other than pretending to be someone else entirely in order to convince him to come home and marry her.

My Review: 

I loved this novella and seeing how Lucy had to go about winning back her promised betrothed after her prank backfired. I have to say that Lucy paid for her mistake by enduring outings with Matthew's mother in hopes that he would return soon.

The fictitious names that Lucy and Matthew created for themselves were genius!  Lucy chose the name Ms. Shroud and Matthew, Mr. Scarper,  Both names were indicative of how they felt about their situation. Having Lucy "observe" Mr. Scarper on his delivery routes to truly get to know the real Matthew was clever.  

Esther Hatch writes some of the funniest physical comedy scenes I have ever read and the cart incident made me laugh as I could picture Lucy nearly falling out.  I could just imagine her embarrassment and humiliation after such an episode.

Portraying Matthew's character and integrity as he had to resist the temptation of the enticement to kiss Ms. Shroud made me truly see the man he was. Lucy was able to witness firsthand that he was faithful to her even after all of these years. Being industrious and choosing to make his own living were other wonderful character qualities of Matthew that made me want to tell Lucy to confess all and admit who she was to him.

I enjoyed reading this clean and wholesome story and recommend it for readers of all ages. I hope there will be more stories like this to follow by Ms. Hatch. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Mulberry Hollow


About the Book: 

Living life to the fullest always requires sacrifice.

Avery Robinson decided to be a physician after helplessly watching her mother lose a battle with a terrible disease. Now at risk of developing the same illness, Avery guards her heart from love. She’s driven to protect her loved ones as a workaholic doctor in the tiny mountain town of Riverbend Gap, North Carolina.

Contractor Wes Garrett is hiking the Appalachian trail, in memory of the man who died saving his life, when an illness racks his body. After an agonizing fifteen-mile hike to Avery’s clinic, he collapses on her doorstep. He recovers to find himself in debt again, this time to a beautiful doctor.

When he decides to help her renovate a rundown carriage house, the obstacles to their attraction sprout like weeds—starting with the woman waiting for Wes at the end of the trail. Will he be able to relinquish the debt he owes his best friend? And will Avery find the courage to risk everything for love?

The second book in Denise Hunter’s popular Riverbend Romance series explores what it might be like to live fearlessly and free.

My Review: 

It would be a dream to walk the Appalachian Trail and I was drawn to the idea of Wes Garrett doing this as a fulfillment of a promise to his friend who died saving his life. His commitment in honoring his promise was admirable and showed great strength of character. 

Dr. Avery Robison lives in a small North Caroline town that I found to be a place that I would love to visit. Her dedication to the people of the area highlighted her truly giving heart since she gives all of her time to running the clinic. Could that drive be fear as she knows she has a 50% chance of inheriting a genetic disease from which her mother died? 

Watching the beautiful love story unfold between Wes and Avery made this a wonderful story.  My favorite quote was, ”Love can creep up on you, you know. It can take you by surprise, change all your plans-despite your best intentions.” 

 I recommend reading this book if you like Jan Karon’s Mitford series.  Once you meet the Robinson family and spend time in their part of the Appalachian Mountains, you won’t want to leave.  

This is the second book in the series. It can be read as a standalone because I didn't read the first book and could easily follow the storyline.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Miss Beaumont's Companion

 About the Book: 

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—1892

When lady’s companion Aria St. Angelo is coerced into posing as her political employer’s absent daughter for the evening at the Louisiana Governor’s masquerade ball, she wasn’t planning on falling for Byron Roderick, the most eligible bachelor in the capitol.

Byron Roderick is taken with the woman he knows as Mildred Beaumont, but when he discovers the lady's true identity, more than just his heart is at stake.

Mr Review: 

Being forced to impersonate Mildred Beaumont at a masquerade ball went against everything that Aria St. Angelo believed in, but with the threat of losing her position she has little choice. She must make an introduction to Byron Roderick, a  powerful politician’s son.

The theme of God taking care of you because you matter to Him was evident as Aria and Byron both hold true to their convictions, no matter the consequences. Seeing how they trust God to take care of the details of their lives was so rewarding, making this a quick and delightful read. I highly recommend this novella to readers of all ages. 

I received a copy of this novella, but I was not required to write a positive review. This review is my own opinion.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Strike to the Heart

About the Book: 

She's fiercely independent. He's determined to protect her. Wisconsin, 1933--When a routine mission becomes an ambush that kills his team, Craft Agency sniper Miles Wright determines to find the persons responsible and protect the woman he rescued. But the fierce independence that led Lily Moore to leave her family's dairy business for the solitary life of a dog trainer and the isolation of her farm don't make that easy. Neither does his unwanted attraction to her. Meanwhile, escalating incidents confirm that she's far from safe.

Lily fears letting the surprisingly gentle retired marine into her life almost as much as she fears whoever is threatening her. As Wisconsin farmers edge toward another milk strike, one that will surely turn violent, it becomes clear that the plot against Lily may be part of a much larger conspiracy. When the search for her abductor leads close to home, she must decide whether to trust her family or the man who saved her life.

 My Review: 

Rescuing Lily Moore from kidnappers didn’t go the way that ex-sniper and team member of the Elite Company Miles Wright had envisioned. It certainly was not what I thought would happen! With such great details to this part of the story I found my heart racing and dodging bullets right along with Lily and Miles. 

I love a good mystery and trying to figure out the reason for Lily’s kidnapping and subsequent attempts on hers and Miles’ lives not only made this intriguing, but also added to the suspense of the story. With details being revealed throughout the story I found myself experiencing a gamut of emotions. Sometimes I felt smart because I figured out a part of the story, and other times I was perplexed because I didn’t see some things coming. But, isn’t that what you want from a book? 

I liked Miles’s strong sense of protectiveness for Lily. His strength and growing love for her made me know she was in good hands. He was the right man to see to her safety and still honor her need for independence and  running her business. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Gio, Miles’s friend who had his back when he needed support and guidance. His unwavering faith helped Miles when he needed it most. 

I recommend reading this book if you like historical or romance novels with a strong faith message. Thank you to the author and publisher for an electronic copy of the book. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required. 

You can purchase the book through the following retailers: 

PaperbackAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Christian Book | Indiebound | Publisher

Rating: 🐄🐄🐄🐄//5

Monday, April 11, 2022

Lily of the Valley


About the Book:

Cumberland, 1786

Amateur inventor Kester Barrington prefers the peace and quiet of his estate to the bustle of Society. But when his tight-knit group of friends, the Gents, descends on Livingsley Hall for their annual gathering, he stoically joins in their activities. It all seems exhausting—until an unexpected addition to the party catches his eye: his new neighbor, the lovely Violet.

Violet Ridley longs to make friends in this new corner of the country, but her family’s fortune was made through investments rather than inheritance, and Society can be fickle. So when tragedy forces her family to shelter at neighboring Livingsley Hall, Violet is delighted to receive a warm welcome from the Gents. In particular, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Kester. The pair is a study in contrasts: Violet, with her sunny disposition, and Kester, with his prickly facade. Their connection is impossible to deny, but both Kester and Violet harbor heavy constraints. As their association becomes increasingly tangled and confused, their only hope of pursuing a life together is to trust one another with the very truths that could tear them apart.

    My Review:

    I want to say right now that I wish I could be a part of The Gents family! It would be so amazing to have friends like them who love you even when you don’t love yourself.

    Kes Barrington is dubbed the “Grumpy Uncle” for a very good reason. He is surly and standoffish at times, and acts as though he would be perfectly content to live on a deserted island. But, no one truly finds out why he acts like that until Violet Ridley enters his life. With her sweet spirit and gentle ways, she helps Kes see that he can be himself and doesn’t need to live a life of regret.

    Kes is also able to help Violet in ways she didn’t think possible. She has a guiding phrase that you are to always be happy, and if not, be silent. She carries this unrealistic burden and cannot get free of it until she confesses it to Kes. I rejoiced with her when she was able to see “that being genuine was more important than appearing cheerful, and being seen and understood was far better than being silent.”

    Having both Kes and Violet looking to invent solutions to problems that have affected their lives was a brilliant part of the story. Both of them can appreciate the resourcefulness and the complex thoughts of the other person. I look forward to seeing Kes continue with his inventions and Violet being a part of the process.

    I highly recommend this beautiful love story and the continuation of the stories of The Gents. If you enjoy clean and wholesome historical novels that you can recommend to younger and older ladies alike, read this book. You will be so happy you did.

    I was given an e-copy of the book. Thank you to the author and publisher. I was not required to write a positive review; all opinions are my own.

    Friday, April 8, 2022

    Sir Andrew and the Authoress

    About the Book: 

    Lady Josephine, the duke's eldest daughter, has a secret. When her brother's horrid best friend discovers what she's been hiding up in the castle tower, she has no choice but to take him into her confidence.

    As the daughter of a duke, Lady Josephine has a long list of responsibilities, and an even longer list of things she must never do to dishonor the family name. Josephine knows exactly which side becoming an author falls upon, but she's determined to try her hand at it anyway. For months she has worked on her novel in secret, writing chapter after chapter of intrigue and romance. Unfortunately for Josephine, her sworn enemy stumbles upon her secret.

    Sir Andrew Wycomb's close relationship to the Duke of Montfort's family and heir gives him more than one advantage in life. His loyalty to the family is absolute, even if he finds at least one of its members an annoyance. He and Lady Josephine have never seen eye-to-eye. But when he discovers that she's written a novel upon a subject she knows nothing about, he cannot help but sympathize with her dream. This creates an unlikely ceasefire between them.

    But things at the castle are always changing, and when a determined suitor arrives to court Josephine, Andrew has to decide which secrets he's going to keep. Especially when he discovers the one he's kept even from himself - that perhaps he doesn't find Josephine an annoyance at all. In fact, she is quite charming. The more time they spend together, the more he hopes she will realize they aren't enemies, and they could be so much more...

    As the third stand-alone novel in this sereis by author Sally Britton, this story continues the Clairvoir Castle romances. This is a light-hearted, sweet romance series set during the Regency era in England.

    My Review: 

     This lovely, light hearted historical romance with two childhood enemies finding love was just what I needed! Josephine and Andrew have constantly been at each other since the time they were small.  Andrew always knew the right buttons to push. Whether this was calling Josephine by her informal name of Josie, or teasing her, she avoided him as much as possible. Andrew had his work cut out for him as he had to prove that now he was older he had changed and that he loved her. 

    The part of the book that I treasured was when Andrew finds Josie’s secret writing spot.  He doesn’t scoff at her idea of wanting be an authoress, but instead supports her in many sweet and thoughtful ways. How could she not help but care for him after all he has does for her? 

    The historical aspect was well written, showing the political discontent that served as the catalyst for the family going to their country estate of Clairvoir Castle. Ms. Britton’s descriptions of both Josie’s family castle and Andrew’s smaller castle made me feel like I was there with them. It would have been fun to explore both castles and grounds as a guest. 

    I recommend reading this book if you or a friend enjoy clean and wholesome romance stories. I was given a copy of this book with no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

    Wednesday, April 6, 2022

    Before the Fortress Falls Giveaway

    Book Information: 
    Title: Before the Fortress Falls
    Author: A.L. Sowards
    Release Date: April 1, 2022
    Publisher: Covenant Communications
    Genres: Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, War Fiction

    About the Book:
    When rumors reach Vienna that an attack by the Ottoman army is imminent, Wilhelm von Schor, one of the emperor’s courtiers, prepares to evacuate his family—including his sister, Katja. But Katja’s reluctance to leave the city and the people she loves so well grows the farther the family carriage gets from her childhood home. When she learns that another brother, Xavier, is returning to Vienna with his musketeers, she decides to remain behind and face the shadow of war.

    Katja soon reunites with Xavier and also with Toby, a dear friend from childhood. As Katja and Toby renew their friendship, an element of attraction builds on the comradery of their youth, and they quickly realize they have found something worth fighting for: love. But all too soon, the Ottomans encircle the city, blanketing its inhabitants in fear. Katja, Toby, and Xavier must each fulfill their new roles if they are to survive. In the overcrowded hospitals, below ground in the countermines, and on the ramparts defending the city walls, the three must fight for love, family, faith, and the survival of their city and everyone inside.

    My Review: 

    4.5/5 stars Often when I go to historical sites I imagine what it might have been like to have lived there or what people would have done when an event took place.  A.L. Sowards has written a fascinating story that places you right in the midst of a crucial time in the history of Vienna.  With such gripping detail, I felt like I was sewing sandbags along with Katja, fighting alongside Toby, and feeling the sense of dread as the Turks were bombarding the city. History truly came alive as Katja, her brothers, and Toby all had important parts to play in the destiny of Vienna.  Each person had a different role that provided a rich and in depth perspective of the siege. 

    With poignant events during the siege, I saw what people living during this time would have felt. I loved the healing and reconciliation that took place between Katja’s brothers. Toby and Katja’s tender love story showed that there is hope to continue on, even through the most difficult of circumstances. Death is shown in the battles, but if that is too much for you, you can skim through those details.  At points it was intense, but was well done and necessary to show the reality of what was occurring.  I recommend reading this richly detailed and interesting book if you like historical fiction or historical romance. 

    Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy of the book. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own. 

    Rating: 4.5/5 

    About the Author:

    A. L. Sowards is the author of multiple historical fiction novels, with settings spanning the globe from the fourteenth to twentieth centuries. Her stories have become Whitney Finalists and won a Whitney Award, reached the number one spot across multiple Amazon categories, received praise from the Historical Novel Society, and been loved by readers from a variety of backgrounds. She has called Washington State, Utah, and Alaska home. She enjoys hiking and swimming, usually manages to keep up with the laundry, and loves it when someone else cooks dinner. She lives with her husband, three children, and an ever-growing library.

    Where to Purchase the Book:



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    Rocky Mountain Journey

    About the Book Book:  Rocky Mountain Journey (Sisters of the Rockies: Book 3) Author:  Misty M. Beller Genre:  Christian Historical Romance ...